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5 Essential Skin Care Products to Have in your Handbag this Winter

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5 Essential Skin Care Products to Have in your Handbag this Winter

Even though we are a big fan of the chilly holiday season, there's no denying of its downsides. Along with its festivities, winter brings chilly winds and a whole new set of skin care troubles with it. Cold winds lack moisture and can make the skin of both men and women feel drier and more parched than usual. If you don’t pay attention and use essential skin care products, winter can make your skin feel dry, itchy, flaky, and irritated.

The good news is, we have gathered a list of skin care products that can keep your skin hydrated 24x7 throughout the winter. So what are you waiting for? Check the following list and add the products to your skin care routine now.

The Power of Cold Cream

How can you complete your skin care routine without a cold cream by your side? In fact, in winters, you would want to switch your regular moisturizers with the heavier cold creams that hydrate your skin perfectly.

When skin becomes excessively dry, the moisture barrier of the skin dwindles. If you don’t use something special, your skin condition will deteriorate pretty soon. Choose something like Lashika no harm Shea Love Cold Cream to fight pesky winter skin troubles. Formulated with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, this cold cream offers immediate comfort to your parched skin and nourishes it from within.

Face Wash to Fight Skin Troubles

Don’t think that the heavy cold cream can single-handedly solve all your winter woes. The cold whiplashes of winter air make your skin dry, which generates more dead skin cells. If you don't clean these dead skin cells out, it will clog the pores and cause acne.

With heavy-metal free face wash, like Arabica Coffee Face Wash of Lashika, you can remove the dead skin cells with ease. Cleaning your face with this no harm face wash will help your skin to release natural oils and help it to absorb the moisturizers and other skin care products better.

Protection of Body Lotion

Deep hydration is the only way that can make your skin glow even in the winter. No harm products, such as Lashika’s Shea Love Body Lotion, repair the stressed skin of both men and women and heals the damaged skin tissues. This, in turn, gives your skin a smooth and glossy texture.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

The biting cold outside does not give you the free pass of not using the sunscreen lotion. You should use broad-spectrum sun protection that has the coverage of SPF 30 or higher. If you are an outdoorsy man or woman, choose a sunscreen with moisturizing formulae, like the no harm Mineral Sun Screen of Lashika.

Lip Balm

Cold weather and chapped lips are intricately related to each other. When the biting cold wind steals all the moisture out of your soft and delicate lips, it is time for you to pick up a lip balm. Do some research and find a balm that makes your lips feel nourished immediately after application.

And that’s a wrap!!! These are some of the most essential skin care products that you want in your handbag during the chilly months. Use these products to formulate a good winter skin care routine to take care of your skin during the coldest months of the year.

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