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Monsoon Skin Care Tips

July 28, 2021

Monsoon has hit us and brought an array of skincare concerns with it. With its continuous spells of rain, the monsoon also brings us high levels of humidity that can be a nightmare for your skin. It is especially true for people who have oily or combination skin. If your skin is oily, a high

Lashika Organized an Empowering Cycle Rally on International Women’s Day

March 28, 2020

From the mountainous roads of Guwahati, Assam to the plain thoroughfares of Howrah, West Bengal, citizens enthusiastically took part in a cycle rally to celebrate women’s day. Lashika, in association with Tillinga Sports Club, arranged a cycle rally on 8th March 2020. More than 200 people participated in this energetic event in the cities of

Post-Holi Skincare Tips for Everyone

March 6, 2020

Holi is just around the corner to mark the end of winter and the onset of spring. While gearing up for the carefree and colourful fun festival, you should not ignore your skin. More often than not, one can easily find harmful synthetic elements in the colours, which damages the skin to no end. It

7 Natural Elements for a Healthy and Glowing Skin

March 4, 2020

Who does not want to have healthy and glowing skin? However, achieving this feat is one of the hardest problems for men and women across the world. Environmental factors, harsh soaps, and chemical-laden skincare products steal the radiant look that you want so badly. The irony is, the secret to glowing skin is pretty easily

How to Tackle Skin Pigmentation Naturally?

March 4, 2020

Even though most of us wish for perfect, even skin, we often suffer from skin pigmentation. Known as hyperpigmentation, this problem changes the colour of your skin. As a result, patches of skin on your face, sometimes all over your body, can darken and lose its luster. Even though this skin trouble is not life-threatening,

List of Summer Skincare Products for Radiant Skin

March 4, 2020

Every year, summer comes in India with a raging sun and intolerable heat that takes a toll on your skin. Along with the scorching sun, excessive pollution, and unbearable humidity steals the natural glow of the skin mercilessly while inviting infections, acne, and other nasty skin troubles. Yet, you will find some men and women

Beware of These Toxic Ingredients While Buying Skincare Products

March 2, 2020

Are you familiar about the ongoing debacle about toxic ingredients in skincare products? Well, they are true. Every day you get exposed to different types of chemicals, most of which gets absorbed into your body. As the industry is highly unregulated, there’s no telling what chemicals and heavy metals the manufacturing companies are using to

5 Essential Skin Care Products to Have in your Handbag this Winter

January 22, 2020

Even though we are a big fan of the chilly holiday season, there’s no denying of its downsides. Along with its festivities, winter brings chilly winds and a whole new set of skin care troubles with it. Cold winds lack moisture and can make the skin of both men and women feel drier and more

No Harm Skin Toners Vs Home Made Toners: Which One to Choose?

January 22, 2020

Are you thinking of trying homemade skin toners? The penchant for the natural chemical-free skin toner is running deep in the minds of modern men and women. The drive is, indeed, commendable. Still, you should know about the flip side of this trend before dipping your toes. Read on to understand the disadvantages of homemade