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Easy And Simple Skincare Tips To Handle Oily Skin This Summer

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Easy And Simple Skincare Tips To Handle Oily Skin This Summer

The hot and humid weather in many parts is associated with the major issue of oily skin. If you do not follow a Skincare routine, then the oily skin can give rise to many other skin problems during the summer.

What causes oily skin during the summer?

Let us have a clear idea of the root cause of excess oily issues in the skin during summer. Our skin consists of several pores, below which lies the sebaceous glands responsible for producing the oily substances. During the summer months, these glands produce more oil resulting in the oily look of the skin. Excess oil is a natural way of protecting the skin from the excess sun’s heat and UV rays damage. Nevertheless, the excess sebum secretion can often block our skin pores resulting in issues like acne or pimples.

Common tips to avoid the issue of oily skin

  • Use any reputed face wash  that will help to dry out the excess oil. Ensure that the face wash has antibacterial properties as excess oil can give rise to the growth of germs.
  • Carry blotting papers all time that will help to regularly soak the excess oil from the skin.
  • Avoid heavy makeup as it can result in more oil secretion from the skin.
  • Use sunscreen lotion  every time you go out as it can help you to prevent the secretion of excess sebum from the skin when in contact with the sun.
  • Use toner as it helps remove excess oil and it can also help open the clogged pores.
  • Your diet also plays an important role in excess oil production. It is always advisable to avoid oily and heavy fat food during the summer. Prepare your summer diet around light fruits and vegetables as they can help in your digestive system besides giving you healthy skin.

Taking care of skin with excess oily issues during summer is one of the major concerns in  this uncomfortable season. Hence, you need to follow the healthy skin guidelines to ensure that you can be best prepared for the situation. Also, keep using LASHIKA’s skincare products that are formulated to give the best skin health throughout the year.


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