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Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Pollution Skincare

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Everything You Need to Know About Anti-Pollution Skincare

Anti-pollution skincare products are perhaps the newest trend in the skincare industry that has shaken the world. As our surrounding environment slowly becomes more and more toxic we along with our skin suffer silently. The anti-pollution skincare products promise to fight harmful pollutants that negatively impact the condition of our skin. The products help to keep the skin clean from all the nanoparticles that our skin absorbs from the polluted air. The anti-pollution products create a strong protective barrier on our skin that acts as an effective Shield against pollutants. So if you want to protect your skin from the harmful effects of pollution you need to understand how pollutants affect our skin and how anti pollution skincare products can help us to fight it.


How pollution affects our skin?


Pollution is one of the biggest external factors that impacts our skin negatively. Studies have shown that pollutants like Nitrogen dioxide which is emitted from the exhaust and power plants can create dark spots on the skin. Not only that, environmental factors can cause oxidative damage to our skin. Oxidative damage can reduce the collagen production level of our skin and impact negatively and cause significant damage to the natural skin barrier.


While slowly people are getting more aware of the harmful effect of pollution, cities across the world tend to battle the problems of poor air quality. A study conducted by the World Health Organization shows that in the previous 5 years the pollution across the world has increased about 8%. In densely populated cities like Beijing and Delhi people often get warnings about hazardous levels of air pollution. In this situation protecting your skin from all the harmful pollutants is just as important as taking care of your health.


Does pollution affect only people living in the cities?


When we talk about using anti-pollution skincare products most people only think that those who live in big cities need this kind of skincare range. But the problem is everyone around the world is getting affected by pollution. It does not matter whether you are living in a less industrialized zone or whether your skin is still getting affected by the pollutants. Having said that the people living in the cities are more likely to see the effects of pollution on their skin. For example, people living in the cities notice premature signs of aging more compared to the people living in the area surrounded by nature.


How does anti-pollution skincare work?


Products that are labeled as an anti-pollution skincare range create a shield over your skin to protect it from harmful dust particles and pollutants. Most of the anti-pollution skincare products work almost in a similar fashion as the sunscreens. They create a protective barrier on your skin so that the pollutants cannot penetrate it. Having said that other skincare products can help you to remove pollutants from your skin after you have been exposed to it. Face packs specially created to fight pollution are one of the most common kinds of skincare products that can help you to do just that. LASHIKA’s Coral clay face pack, for example, reduces the impacts of microparticles and removes harmful nanoparticles from your skin.


The science behind anti-pollution skincare


You can find that most of the anti-pollution skincare products contain vitamin C which helps to fight dark spots caused by pollution. It also helps to decrease the level of discoloration and gives your skin an even tone. Another common ingredient that you can find in most good quality anti-pollution skincare products is antioxidants. The antioxidant fights the negative impact of pollutants on your skin and helps to keep your skin healthy from deep within.


The best anti-pollution skincare products


When it comes to battling the side effects of pollution on your skin you need to have the best anti-pollution skincare products that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Here is a list of anti-pollution skincare products that you need to have in your arsenal to fight against the pollutants effectively.


Hazel cleansing milk


When it comes to anti-pollution skincare, keeping your skin squeaky clean is the first and most important step. Hazelnut is known as a rich source of fatty acid and Vitamin E that boosts the elasticity of your skin and makes it firm and supple. LASHIKA’s Hazel cleansing milk helps you to remove all the grime, dirt, and makeup easily without drying out your skin or causing inflammation. It also helps you to lock the moisturizer inside your skin and hydrates your skin from deep within. The goodness of olive oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil makes this cleansing milk powerpack product that hydrates your skin while fighting all the premature signs of aging effectively.


Revive Vitamin C face serum


Your anti-pollution skincare design would not be complete without a product that contains the goodness of Vitamin C. LASHIKA’s Revive Vitamin C face serum contains licorice hyaluronic acid and ascorbic acid, which helps to lighten the dark spots and diminishes the visibility of scars. It also helps you to fight hyperpigmentation while strengthening the defense mechanism of your skin. Not only that, regular us of this face serum will keep your skin hydrated and will reduce the premature signs of fine lines and wrinkles.


Regen anti-wrinkle cream


As we have mentioned earlier, keeping your skin hydrated is one of the best ways to fight the negative impacts of pollution. LASHIKA’s Regen anti-wrinkle cream contains vitamin B3 that fights free radicals, and hyperpigmentation reduces blotchiness and redness. It also improves skin elasticity giving your skin a radiant and youthful look. This cream also contains hyaluronic acid that keeps your skin hydrated, making it soft and supple over time.


Blue filter sunscreen SPF 45 PA+++


The harmful blue light emitted from laptop mobile phones, tablets, and other digital devices is causing severe skin problems. Just like you try to keep your eyes protected by using blue filters in your glasses, you need to apply blue filter sunscreen to keep your skin protected from premature signs of aging. LASHIKA’s Blue filter sunscreen SPF 45 PA+++ protects your skin from digital device emitted blue light as well as the harsh rays of the sun. Not only that, Brown Seaweed extracts infused in this skincare product contain phlorotannin antioxidants that help you to fight free radicals.


Of course, you need to use umbrellas and protective masks to protect yourself from the harmful sundries and suspended micro particles in the air. But if you use the above anti-pollution skincare products, it will help you to keep your skin protected, giving you a fighting chance against pollution from sun, digital screens, streets and more.

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