fbpx Heavy Metals in SkinCare Products: Dangers Hiding in Beauty Aisle

Heavy Metals in SkinCare Products: Dangers Hiding in Beauty Aisle

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Heavy Metals

When taking a stroll down the skincare products aisle, most of us keep our eyes peeled for products that offer fast and good solutions. Even though you buy the product by reading the punchline, it is the ingredients that affects your skin. While you might enjoy the fast effects of the ingredients, in the long run, components like heavy metals in skincare products can take a toll on you.

Heavy Metals in SkinCare Products

We are presenting you with a list of heavy metals that your skincare products might contain. Check the list out, and try to avoid the products that contain the following metals or their compounds.


Lead is connected to neurotoxicity and can cause problems, like infertility, in both men and women. The metal has a direct connection to delayed onset of puberty for girls and the development of testes in boys. Researchers have also found evidence that prolonged use of lead can cause behavioral, language, and learning problems.


If you use skin care products containing arsenic, you can suffer from organ toxicity and hormonal disruptions.


Researchers have found a direct connection between cadmium and ailments like tumors, lung and heart damages, cancer, and birth defects.


Mercury can get accumulated in your body and cause problems, like allergic reactions and skin irritations, neurotoxic troubles etc. If children use products containing mercury, they can suffer from brain damage.

Word of Caution

Even though all the above heavy metals are extremely dangerous to your health, they come from Mother Nature. That means you should not rely on tags like ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ anymore. Despite bearing all these labels, your skincare product can still contain these heavy metals.

There Is Nothing Called Safe Exposure

Sure, the governments have come up with safe exposure level of such metals, but they hardly carry any meaning.

Researchers have found that an average woman uses up to 12 skincare products and an average man about 6 products every day. Now, if you factor in the consistent use, you will have a greater chance of reaching the toxicity level.

The most frightening thing about the heavy metals is, they bio-accumulate. That means every single trace adds up and gets stored in your bones. No matter how many detoxifying drinks you consume or spa session you have; these heavy metals in skincare products will not be leaving your body.

Swapping your harmful skincare products with no harm ones is the best way to stop this catastrophe. Do your research and find out the products that heal your skin in a harm-free manner.

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