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How To Remove Tan From Your Face and Skin?

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How To Remove Tan From Your Face and Skin?

Summer vacation is all fun until you see yourself covered with a tan after returning from a day-long outing. A sun tan can get the most stubborn and annoying skin concern as it is hard to remove. To break it down, even more, direct exposure to the sun can increase the melanin level and darken the skin complexion.

Several products claim to remove tan within a said amount of time and most of them fail to show the results. Besides, sometimes you may lose your patience to use a de-tanning product for a long time. However, several ways consume less of your time and energy to remove tan.

Use a Sunscreen

It is a famous saying that “prepare and prevent is always better than repair and repent”. Using sunscreen before stepping out to the sun is one such essential preventive measure. It is always easier to apply sun protection than to apply de-tanning products and spent hours on it. However, if you are too busy or lazy to apply cream products, get a spray like LASHIKA Detan Spray.

Cleanse and Exfoliate

You must clean your face as soon as you return indoors. Ideally, it is much easier to exfoliate and clean the top layer of skin instantly after getting a tan. Cleansing and exfoliating do not only clean pollutants and dirt from the skin but remove the dead skin cells. Besides, various exfoliators contain de-tanning components that show the result after daily use.

Skin Lightening Products

The market is full of skin lightening face wash, scrubs, face packs, sheet masks, serums etc. Most of them contain active ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide that reduces pigmentation and darkness. You can also use these active ingredients solely through a serum form. All these ingredients are highly active and sufficient in amount to show results on proper usage.

Chemical De-tan Peels

You can opt for a de-tan peel-off process where the dermatologists apply a substance on your face and leave it for days. The substance peels the thin layer of your skin that has all the dead cells and melanin. Usually, the substance is a liquid that has chemical active ingredients in a specific intensity. It generally takes a few days till the complete peel-off process finishes. During this period, no one must step out under the sun or pull the peel.

Chemical Bleach

It has been a year old method to clear the stubborn tan from your skin. Bleach packaging comes with a cream and powder activator which you must mix into a thick paste and apply. It helps remove the dead skin cells and melanin on the top skin layer and lightens the skin tone.


Dermatologists use laser devices that omit certain rays to hit deep into the skin. It reaches the cells that contain melanin and breaks the pigment down. One perk of this treatment is that the rays can reach the deep layers of skin to remove the melanin.

All these methods work best for tan removal. Some of them can be costly but show the result quick. Whereas, others are less costly but take more time to show effective results. However, choosing any one of these methods according to your convenience can ensure an effective tan removal.

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