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How to Use Nail Polish Remover Properly?

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How to Use Nail Polish Remover Properly?

You can hardly find a woman who does not like to paint her nails. But it is not very difficult to find women who do not like the painstaking task of removing nail polish. Even though it may sound a bit odd, removing nail polish can become a bit tiring, especially if you wear dark-colored polishes. Removing nail polish  then becomes time taking and tiresome. In fact, if you are not very careful while removing nail polish, you can end up in a disaster situation that can take you forever to clean up properly. If you love to wear nail polishes, you must have faced this troublesome situation a couple of times already. That means you already know what we are talking about. How about we focus on finding the right way to remove the nail polish? With the following advice, you will be able to remove nail polishes easily and effectively within a couple of minutes.


How To Remove Nail Polish?


Now the question is, what is the correct way to remove nail polish. Everyone knows that to remove nail polish, you will need cotton balls and a polish remover. However, along with the right tools, you will be required to adopt the right attitude and methods to do the job efficiently and correctly. It will not only help you to shorten the time, but also make sure that you do not mess anything up.


Preparing The Cotton Ball


Before you start the process right way, you have to first roll the Cotton ball. The reason is you do not require a whole cotton ball to remove your nail polish. Just a rolled cotton ball is enough for you to remove all the nail polish from your nails. Create small little strips from that cotton ball according to the size of your nails. Remember that you will need to cover your nails with these cotton strips to remove the nail polish properly.


Using The Nail Polish Remover


There is no doubt that you will need to use nail polish remover to get rid of all the polishes from your nails. There are various types of nail polish remover available in the market. Even though the Acetone nail polish remover can help you get rid of the nail polish more easily, it is better not to use these products, as it can dry out your nail and skin. You should always choose  no-harm, chemical-free nail polish remover if you want to keep your nails healthy.


If you already have a nail polish remover at home, put some of it into a cab and  dip all the cotton strips in it . That does not mean you have to soak the Cotton strips. Keeping them moist is enough for you to remove the nail polish. Put the strips on your nails and make sure that it does not move. You need to remove nail polish from one nail at a time. Even though it may take some time and patience, it will ease up the whole removal process significantly.


Remove The Cotton Strips


Keep the  cotton strips over your nails for 5 to 10 minutes, and then remove them by pushing them off of your nails. Having said that, you need to run those cotton strips all over your nails. The pressure of rubbing the  cotton strips will help the nail polish to soak the remover easily. Put pressure on the nail beds and push the Cotton trips towards the top of your nail. If you keep on doing this, you will notice that the nail polish is disappearing within a couple of seconds.


If you find that your cotton nail strips are not moving easily, that means you do not have applied enough nail polish remover. On the second try, you have to add more nail polish remover to the Cotton balls and wait for another 5 to 10 minutes for the remover to soak. Even if you have Chunky and glitter nail polishes, the second try is enough to do the magic.


Pampering Your Nails


At this point, your nails should be squeaky clean. However, you have put your nails through a lot of trauma during this whole procedure. That is why it is the right time for you to nourish and pamper them. Make a simple nail soak with almond oil or olive oil, and let your nails soak the oil for 10 minutes. After this simple treatment, dry your hands properly and put a good quality hand cream on top of it. Adding cuticle oil or any moisturizing lotion can also get the job done. It does not matter what type of product you use, as long as you are keeping your hands moisturized, your nails will be happy.


No doubt, using a proper procedure for removing your nail polish can seem a bit of hard work. However, once you give it a try, you will see how easy and efficient this method is and how satisfied you feel at the end. Your satisfaction is what we are always aiming for.

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