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Make Your Skin Glow with the Perfect Lashika Skincare Regimen

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Lashika skincare regimen

In today's world, it is pretty safe to say that almost every woman has a jam-packed schedule. One might ask, how you can handle all these tasks single-handedly? You must be keeping a secret diary somewhere to log all the tasks and tick them off. Why not take the same approach for your skin as well? Don't let your busy schedule overpower the necessity of skincare. Maintaining a calendar will help you to find time in your busy schedule to follow through a full-blown Skincare regimen. We understand you have your hands full, and that’s why decided to give you a hand in creating the best skincare routine. Consider the following skincare routine, where we have talked about skincare products and offered tips for using them. Whether you want glowing skin or reduced acne pigmentation, we got you covered.

Twice Daily Skin Care Regimen

No matter what products you use, this rule will never change. You have to pamper your skin twice daily to get flawless glow. Now, that you know what, let’s delve into the actual routine.

Wash Your Face

Staying squeaky clean makes your skin happy. So, don’t forget to reach for a facial cleanser twice daily. Grab Apple Cider Face Wash first thing in the morning to wash out the oil build-up from the surface of your skin. You can also try Coffee Facewash to wash out the dirt and pollutants from the surface of your skin at the end of the day. Both these face washes are perfect for all skin types. So, just check the ingredients of the face washes and pick the one you like most.

Use a Toner

Your skin looks forward to the gentle touch of toner after every wash. So, once you wash your face with our gentle face wash, put a few drops of Rose Toner on a cotton pad and swipe it all over your face. The natural rose extracts of this toner soothe your skin and improve the texture of your skin.

Use Serum

With every passing day, the importance of the skin serum is getting more prevalent. Serums are a concoction of different natural extracts that target various skin issues. So, after you are done with the toner, take a few drops of the BrighTen Face Serum and apply it all over your face. It will help to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles and give your skin back the natural glow.


We can’t tell you how important it is to Moisturize your skin twice every day. Don’t skip this step even if you possess oily skin. Try Lumiara Kumkumadi & Vit E Moisturiser. It will not only hydrate your skin but also reduce hyperpigmentation and dark circles rapidly. It helps to eliminate the dead cells from your face and prevents premature ageing.

We have told you before, and telling you again, if you want to have beautiful skin, you have to follow this Skincare regimen to the tee. If you don’t follow this regimen twice every day, it will be difficult for you to keep different skin issues at bay. So, try this routine on and see how your skin starts glowing in mere weeks.

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