fbpx No Harm Skin Toners Vs Home Made Toners: Which One to Choose?

No Harm Skin Toners Vs Home Made Toners: Which One to Choose?

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No Harm Skin Toners Vs Home Made Toners

Are you thinking of trying homemade skin toners? The penchant for the natural chemical-free skin toner is running deep in the minds of modern men and women. The drive is, indeed, commendable. Still, you should know about the flip side of this trend before dipping your toes. Read on to understand the disadvantages of homemade toners and why you should choose the heavy chemical-free no harm skin toners instead.

Damaging to Your skin

Surprised? Well, you should be. Most people think that natural ingredients are always good for your skin. Guess what? Sometimes, they can be harmful as well. Everyone’s skin is different, and it responds to the ingredients of the homemade toners differently.

The whole process depends on trial and error. You have to test each natural ingredient and suffer from several setbacks to find the components and the recipes of the toner that suits your skin.

You can easily skip this whole hassling process by choosing Lashika's dermatologically tested Rose Skin Toner for yourself. As this skin toner is dermatologically tested, the chances of its harming your skin are less.

Lack of Information

It is hard to find the right information about the homemade skin toners. The internet is flooding with blogs that offer diverse homemade toner recipes.

The trouble is, most of those recipes are dud. They either don’t work, or don’t offer the right method making the toner. You have to do a lot of experiments just to pluck the right recipes. Better take the easy way and choose the no harm natural skin toner of Lashika.

Does Not Last Long

One of the major disadvantages of using homemade toners is, it does not have a long shelf life. You have to keep checking on the condition of the toner to ensure that you are not applying the spoiled product on your skin.

The no harm skin toners of Lashika, on the other hand, are created after rigorous testing. So, the shelf life of the product is higher than all of your homemade ones. As Lashika skincare products do not contain any harmful chemicals, it hydrates your skin and creates a protective barrier around it without harming your skin.

Laborious Job

As the homemade toners do not have a long shelf-life, you have to create them in small batches. You have to find the right storing method to keep bacteria away from your homemade toners.

Save yourself from these inconveniences by choosing the heavy metal free no harm Rose Skin Toner of Lashika. The natural ingredients of this product offer your skin all the benefits that you wish and keep bacteria at bay.

Now that you know all the disadvantages of making and using homemade skin toners, you have to reach the bottom line of your drive. You should choose a toner that is pure and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Well, Lashika’s no harm Rose Skin toner is just the one you need. So, why waste any more time? Go and get the no harm toner as soon as possible. 

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