Eternals - Moringa Oil Moisturiser


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Eternals - Moringa Oil Moisturiser

A flawless and radiant skin is the first step to looking and feeling beautiful in your own skin. Moringa oil moisturiser, with its nourishing mix of essential oils and other natural extracts, leaves your skin feeling lustrous, smooth, firm and elastic.

This exceptionally rich moisturiser incorporates a combination of time-tested ingredients like moringa oil, almond, olive oil, shea butter, folic acid extract, and aloe vera juice that revitalizes and restores the firmness of your skin, reducing wrinkles and giving your skin a natural, youthful glow.

The hydrating agents from the oils and butter deeply nourishes your skin, while folic acid extract helps stimulate the cell renewal process, protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays. The soothing effect of aloe vera reduces rashes and infection while rich shea butter smoothens out any sign of stretch marks.

Key Ingredients & Benefits

Moringa Oil

  • Brightens skin
  • Fights acne, black heads and dark spots

Shea Butter

  • Treats acne and blemishes
  • Restores skin elasticity
  • Reduces stretch marks

Folic Acid Extract

  • Stimulates cell growth
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Provides UV Protection

Aloe Vera Juice

  • Lightens blemishes on the face
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Reduces infection and acne

Almond Oil

  • Reduces dark circles & removes tan
  • Reduces signs of ageing

Olive Oil

  • Moisturises skin

Other organic compounds and non-toxic cosmetic ingredients are also used to manufacture this product.

Net Weight :
100ml / 200ml variants

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 16 cm

100ml, 200ml

How To Use

Sticking to a regular moisturising routine is essentially crucial for your skin. It is always best to use a moisturiser right after your bath, when the skin is still damp. Splash generous amount all over your body on moist skin. Gently massage the moisturiser into your skin in slow sweeping motions focusing your application on areas that are particularly dry. If your skin feels very dry use liberal amount of the moisturiser so that it can heal your parched skin. Be more generous around the areas where your skin is thick, like knees, elbows and heels. As this wonderful potion is suitable for all skin types and can be used by men too. Men should use this oil moisturiser after shaving. Apply this oil moisturiser twice every day, once after your bath and before going to bed for a healthy, hydrated and radiant skin.

8 reviews for Eternals – Moringa Oil Moisturiser

  1. Raja Saikat (verified buyer)

    Impressed . Not overtly oily but moiturizesquite well

  2. Nimmy khatri

    Good product doesn’t make skin feel oily

  3. Ruchi Deo

    Good Product

  4. Rahul Jain

    Good for my skin

  5. Ashish Khandelwal

    my skin is smoother now

  6. Kunal Jaiswal

    Best in class

  7. Samskriti Biswas

    The product was good and it makes skin smoother than before .

  8. Simpu sahoo

    The product was good.
    Moisturizes well

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