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Shea Love Body Lotion

The cold and dry winter air takes away your skin’s natural radiance, not just from your face, but from all over your body. And the extreme heat of summer harms your skin with sun burns and damages. If you’re looking for the best body lotion for glowing skin, Lashika Shea Love Body Lotion is your answer.

Give your skin the perfect care for a long-lasting soft and supple feel with this body lotion year around. Infused with natural nourishing agents like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E extracts this body lotion for men and women helps in skin rejuvenation internally. Shea butter heals your damaged skin, acne issues and boosts your skin’s firmness. Jojoba Oil deep-hydrates your skin along with its antioxidants and vitamin E fighting off premature ageing.

For a fragrant, non-greasy, effectively moisturising skin-care routine, adopt this no-harm, paraben-free body lotion with SPF today.

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How To Use

Get rid of dry, itchy, irritable skin like an expert with this shea love body lotion. To get the maximum benefits out of it, you need to apply it twice a day, every day. The ideal routine would be to put it on your body right after a shower and just before going to bed. After a shower, your slightly damp skin is the perfect recipient to take in all the goodness of this lotion. Take a generous quantity of the lotion on your hand and massage gently all over your body. Take special care of your arms, legs and other areas that are regularly exposed to the weather conditions. Make sure that this body lotion cream is nicely absorbed into your skin, before putting on clothes. Keep up with this skincare regime every day for a happily glowing, naturally vibrant skin all year round.

3 reviews for Shea Love Body Lotion

  1. Sanjay Sinha

    Ideal for winter and dry skin

  2. amit deo (verified buyer)

    This is a must try 5stars from my side.

  3. Aparna Biswas

    Smells little strong,otherwise the quality of product is very useful for oily skin.

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