fbpx Restore Your Skin with the Natural Ingredients of Lashika’s No Harm Skincare Range

Restore Your Skin with the Natural Ingredients of Lashika’s No Harm Skincare Range

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Lashika’s no harm skincare range

Do you feel that your skin changes with the changing season? You are not alone. Thousands of women are struggling to keep the skin trouble at bay in this fickle climatic condition. From the harsh sun to the dry winds of winter, everything takes a toll on your skin. Now, the only way out of these problems is to take the help of all-natural products. It's high time to say adieu to the chemicals and try Lashika's no harm skincare range to restore the natural balance of your skin.

Pure Radiance Face Massage Cream

It is probably your best option if you are trying to get rid of pimples and fight premature ageing. It is the perfect skin pick-me-up for women of every age. Jojoba oil, one of the key ingredients of this product, deeply hydrates your skin and lifts all the fine lines. It fights pesky sunburns and makes your skin soft and supple.

BrighTen Face Serum

Serum provides your skin with one of the most effective moisturizing benefits while fighting different skin trouble. The natural formula of this product is enriched with Argan oil, Kumkumadi Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, etc. Argan oil, Lavender Essential oil and Wheat Germ oil fights with the problems of ageing skin while the Jojoba oil soothes it. Together, these ingredients cocoon your skin with maximum nourishment while giving it a much-needed glow.

Rose Toner

Made with natural rose extract, this toner has an immediate cooling effect on your parched skin. It penetrates deep layers of your skin and provides hydration. If you have dry and sensitive skin, use this toner twice daily to make it softer and smoother.

Eternals - Moringa Oil Moisturizer

This moisturizer fights for your skin even when you sleep. Moringa oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera juice and Folic Acid extract make this product ambrosia for dull and damaged skin. Moringa oil fights the troubles of pesky acne while Shea Butter restores the natural elasticity of your skin. Folic Acid stimulates cell growth and considerably reduces the appearance of scar marks. Aloe Vera soothes your skin and reduces the chances of infection.

Almond Walnut Scrub

While we all understand the nutritional value of both almonds and walnuts, incorporating it in your skincare products has an added advantage. Packed with the natural goodness of almond granules, this scrub removes tan and fights with the problems of dark circles. Walnut, on the other hand, cuts through the dullness of your skin and gives it a firmer look. The added vitamin E hydrates your skin and fights the signs of ageing.

The bottom line is, don’t turn to the chemical-laden beauty products of the market. Instead, use products that have loads of goodness of natural ingredients. If you use these no harm products twice every day, you will get radiant and even-toned skin. These natural products will make your skin so appealing that you will want to go bare-faced in the next party.

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