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Tips For Dealing With Lockdown Skin

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Tips For Dealing With Lockdown Skin

Lockdown means there is no going out, facing pollution, or sweating under the harsh rays of the sun. So, it must be good for your skin, right? Absolutely wrong. There are a number of factors that affect skin conditions severely. Lack of exercise, sleeping late, and stress are some of the major factors that can make your skin act up. Let’s accept that lockdown skin is a problem, and you will need to find a solution to it fast.

We understand your pain points and the factors that are making your skin feeling unhappy right now.

Let’s understand these -

What is Causing the Changes?

Lockdown has not only wreaked havoc in the daily routines of our lives, but it has also changed our skincare routine drastically. Some of the main culprits are as follows.


  1. Stressed Out Skin

Skincare experts have said that stress and anxiety are taking a major toll on our skin. Lockdown has created huge stress for many of us, creating a physical impact on our skins. When we are stressed, our bodies produce a hormone known as cortisol. This hormone causes inflammation leading to excessive oil production. That, in turn, makes our skin break out.

Other side effects of stress, like reduced appetite, lack of sleep, and alcohol, are culprits when it comes to spots.


  1. Change Routine

The drastic change in our regular routine that we are experiencing these days is directly impacting our skin. Our body, as well as our skin, is expecting something and getting something else. You can bring the biological rhythm of your body back by setting some rules for your day-to-day life. For example, try to eat meals at the same time or block your working hours. Bring some structure to your day-to-day routine, use a good toxin free moisturizer, like LASHIKA Saffron and Vit E moisturizer, and you will see the results reflecting on your skin.


  1. Missing the Sun

You might be a bit relieved about not stepping out under the harsh rays of the sun, but your skin might not be that happy. The thing is, you need to spend some time under the sun. While you should not forget to wear sunscreen during this time, you should also keep in mind the importance of vitamin D in your life. Vitamin D helps in cell generation and reduces inflammation of your skin. You can use toxin-free LASHIKA Mineral Sunscreen before stepping out. Remember, when we try not to step out in the sun, our skin becomes a bit unhappy about it.


How to Tackle It?


Exercise and Massages

A habit of regular exercise can help to reduce stress. Other than that, you can incorporate facial massages into your skincare routines. It will help to boost blood circulation and to reduce toxins. You can take a day off to get spa-like treatments right at your home. Research more to understand the ways to achieve that.



The importance of drinking plenty of water cannot be stressed enough. Hydration plays a major role in your skincare regime. It flushes out toxins and keeps the bowel movement regular. So, you should make sure that you are getting enough water even if you are not stepping out of your home.


Keep Things Simple

Most people go a bit more aggressive when it comes to creating the perfect skincare routine. Do not use too many products on your skin. Stick to a handful of reliable products and use them diligently, and you will get to see the results right away. Also, make sure to stay away from bad skin habits. Just give your skin some time to adjust to your new routine, and you will see the results in no time.

All in all, just like you, your skin is also going through a drastic change during the lockdown. So, instead of getting frustrated about its condition, you should muster a bit more patience about it and treat your skin with a bit of kindness that you expect from others.

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