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What Is The Best Time To Apply Face Serum?

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What Is The Best Time To Apply Face Serum?

There are numerous face serums in the market with countless promises, but there are more skin types than that. Therefore, it is pretty hard to choose the right one for the skin types and concerns. Also, face serums are not a skincare product that has been in existence for a long time. It makes the users sceptical about its usage despite its praises all over the internet.

Best Way to Apply a Face Serum

So, once you choose the perfect serum for you, it is essential to know when to use it to get the maximum benefit. The time to apply face serum depends on its elements or composition. Some serums are based on one specific component and others are a mixture of some of those components.

Mostly serums comprise either natural or chemical skincare agents like vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Therefore, they can treat several skin types and deal with multiple skin concerns simultaneously. As a face serum caters to your skin with several benefits, it is recommended to use it on a clean face. Doing so can help utilize the most of its benefits and get effective results within a short time.

When to Apply a Face Serum

Now, there is no specific time to apply a face serum. Generally, one must follow the instruction on the packaging or ask a dermatologist. However, you can use your serum as night care or skin prep before make-up. Ideally, some face serums having key specific elements must not go under the make-up. There are also some that you cannot wear to go under the sun. So, considering all these factors, you must choose the right time to use a face serum.

Generally, if you use a serum infused with natural oils like LASHIKA BrighTEN Face Serum, you can wear it anytime. As this serum comprises the 10 best natural oils, it is safe to use in various circumstances. However, it is ideal to use a moisturizing serum twice a day, in the morning and at night after cleaning the face.

Wearing a serum that has SPF is ideal to include in your morning skincare routine. Thus, it protects your skin if you go out under the sun, cook in front of heat or work on a computer for a long time. On the other hand, a moisturizing serum containing natural oils and vitamins is ideal to use at night. Thus, the serum gets relaxed skin and can work its magic during the night.

Methods of Using a Serum

  • Clean your face with a deep cleanser.

  • Use a soothing face mist or toner.

  • Take the face serum to the tips of your finger and gently run it thorugh your face. Apply a generous amount to cover your whole face and wait for a while to let your skin absorb the product.

  • Finish it off with moisturizer and SPF.

So, this is the essential information on how and when to use a face serum. A serum consists of all the goodness of several elements which are great to deal with for all skin types. Therefore, including it in your regular skincare routine can give you a radiant glow within a few applies.

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