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What Makes Lashika a #NoHarmSkincare Brand?

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Lashika NoHarmSkincare

As more and more people are choosing sustainable lifestyles, the skincare market is getting hit by tons of conscious customers. These customers, both men and women, are seeking out clarity in skincare products labels and their formulations. Ditching products that contain harmful chemicals is one of their main goals. Thankfully, Lashika understands the requirements of environmentally conscious customers and tries to be the best NoHarmSkincare brand.

Don’t believe us? Check the following factors then. It will clear your doubts and explain to you why Lashika is the top no harm skincare brand that you should choose for yourself.


Parabens are one of the most common preservatives that you can find in almost every skincare products. This chemical expands the shelf-life of the products and keeps them fresh. However, researchers have found that from allergic reactions to interference with endocrine systems; paraben can cause many health hazards. Studies have shown that paraben can lead to the formation of cancer as well. Understanding the threats, Lashika has forsaken this harmful chemical from its skincare range. Our NoHarmSkinCare range will keep you safe from the dangerous effects of this chemical.

Not tested on Animals:

You don’t need to be an animal right activist to understand the pain that the animals go through when cosmetic products are tested on them. Lashika understands that to become a truly no harm skincare brand, they have to consider the sufferings of animals as well as their customers. To keep our conscience (and yours too) guilt-free, we have chosen not to test our products on animals.

No Mineral Oils:

Mineral oils are odourless and colourless oil which generates from petroleum as a by-product. Most skincare brands use mineral oils in their products as it is lightweight and inexpensive. Lashika is not one of them. We have promised you no harm products, and mineral oil can harm your skin in different ways. Studies have shown, mineral oil works as a contaminant that can cause serious health concerns. Plus, minerals oil clogs pores which is the main reason for an acne outbreak. Being a noharmskincare brand, Lashika feels that the threat is too high and desists it completely.

100% Natural Ingredients:

The ingredients that Lashika no harm skincare products contain are 100% natural. To ensure the validity of our demands, we diligently test each product and then bring it to you. Our dermatologically tested products work well and make your skin healthy from within.

Customer Demand:

As people have started to understand the threat of harmful chemicals, they are leaning towards natural products. Indeed, most natural ingredients are less harmful than unnatural ones. Being a noharmskincare brand, Lashika understands your fears. That is why we have used time-honoured natural elements that have been used to alleviate skin conditions for years.


Above all, conventionally concocted skincare products often impacts nature negatively. As you use the products, all the harmful chemicals and ingredients get mixed with the air and water. Lashika no harm skincare range saves Mother Nature from being tortured with harmful chemicals. Switch to Lashika, if you are concerned about the environment.

All in all, Lashika understands you and your skin’s demands and needs. That is why we have formulated our products only after extensive scientific researches. We used natural ingredients to concoct our products to protect your skin in all conditions.

So, if you are interested in a natural harm-free skincare range,
click here to indulge in our heavy-metal free natural, pure, dermatologically tested, NoHarmSkincare range.

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