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Why You Should Choose LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash?

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Why You Should Choose LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash?

Tomato is a basic Kitchen essential that has made its space in the Skin Care industry as well. Power-packed with several skin-healthy nutrients, tomatoes can improve the texture of your skin and make it glow within a very short time. These kitchen Essentials are known to have soothing astringent-like properties along with a healthy punch of Vitamin C that helps to remove dark spots and acne breakouts. The natural acidic properties of the tomato extract wash out the excessive oil from your skin and keep it clean and beautiful.

Even though you may have used fresh tomato juice on your skin before, it is always better to use clinically tested skincare products that contain tomato extracts. Being such a skincare essential, LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash can give your skin a complete makeover within a short period.

The problem is, there are several different Face Washes available in the market and it is difficult for the users to understand which one they should purchase and why. To clear out this confusion, we have depicted all the aspects of LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash that you need to know. So if you are in search of a high-quality Face Wash that does not contain any harmful ingredients, you need to check the following section of this article first.

Features of LASHIKA tomato Face Wash

Remove buildup

These days the level of pollution we are surrounded with is concerning. It not only harms our health but also causes a build-up of pollutants and other unwanted free radicals on the delicate skin of our face daily. As our face gets exposed to heat, dust, pollution, and microbes, it is extremely important for us to clean our face daily with a mild face wash. Powered by the goodness of natural tomato extracts, LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash can effectively get rid of all the pollutants and dead skin cells from our face giving you a fresh and healthy glow effectively.


A good Face Wash should never contain harmful chemical ingredients that can affect the quality of your skin negatively. LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash is manufactured with 100% natural extracts of tomatoes, turmeric, and potatoes. Not only that, it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can lead to any adverse effect on your skin. That means you can use this product without worrying about anything.

Ensure Essential Oil Retention

As our Face Wash is very mild, it only effectively cleans out unwanted germs and dirt from your skin. Just like any other high-quality cleanser, LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash does not strip your skin off its natural oil. Instead, it helps your skin to retain all the elements that keep it hydrated and nourished throughout the day. That is why if you use this Face Wash for a long time, you will get youthful-looking skin easily.

Deep Cleansing

LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash goes deep inside the skin pore to remove all the hidden dirt particles and microscopic pollutants. This Face Wash does not perform a customary face wash while leaving out the deep-rooted problems. Instead, it concentrates on cleaning your skin thoroughly so that you get beautiful glowing skin.

Benefits of using LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash

Reduces Oiliness

Powered by the goodness of tomato extracts, this Face Wash helps to reduce unnecessary sebum production, which, in turn, helps you to fight excessive greasy skin.

Retains The Moisture

Just because tomato extracts can help to reduce the oiliness of your skin, that does not mean it will completely strip your skin off of its natural oils. As the Face Wash contains potatoes and turmeric extracts as well, it somewhat works as a balancing moisturizer that helps to retain the natural oil of your skin ensuring a healthy glow.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

The antioxidants and enzymes of the tomato extracts have given this Face Wash the power of exfoliation. If you use our Face Wash regularly, it will help you to get rid of blackheads and dead skin cells effectively. This Face Wash offers great benefits to people suffering from acne. As this Face Wash does not contain any harmful Chemicals, it is also great for people with sensitive skin. If you are thinking about switching the rigorous exfoliation and bringing something mild yet effective, then you should no doubt choose our Face Wash right away.

Improves Your Complexion

As this Face Wash is loaded with skin healthy nutrients, like Vitamin C, beta carotene, and Vitamin E that tomato extract offers, it can effectively even out your skin tone. Not only that, over the period it can boost your skin health and give you a natural healthy glow.

How To Use The Face Wash?

Wash your face with lukewarm water first. Then put LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash on your face using the silicone brush that comes with the face wash. As you use the silicone brush the chances of transferring dirt on your facial skin are less. Apply the face wash using the circular motion of the brush to spread the product on your forehead, cheeks, and under your chin. Do not rub the brush aggressively on your skin and make sure that the product does not get into your eyes. After you have cleansed your face thoroughly, rinse it with lukewarm water. Once you are done, pat your face dry and apply a good-quality moisturizer.

Now that you know the benefits that LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash offers and how you should use it on your face, it is time to start an earnest uninterrupted skincare routine. Even though you can start your skincare Regime with any facewash available in the market, you should consider buying LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash to experience the goodness of tomato, potato, and turmeric extracts. As one of the most reputed and well-known brands of skincare products, LASHIKA Tomatino Face Wash will cleanse your skin properly to bring back its natural youthful glow.

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