5 Reasons Why You Need A Face Serum Right Now

5 Reasons Why You Need A Face Serum Right Now

Do you have your skincare routine done check? Cleanse, mask, moisturize, sunscreen—what else? You may be missing out if you haven't added a face serum into the mix. Unsure about the great benefits of a face serum? Why exactly should you be making room in your skincare routine for one? Check out these reasons to use face serums if you want to upgrade your skin care regimen.

What Is A Face Serum?

Face serums are lightweight moisturizers known for their effectiveness in managing specific skincare concerns, such as wrinkles. Serums are also typically thinner than moisturizers, making them perfect for layering. They can come in various formulas, including gels, oils, and light creams.

Why Should You Use A Face Serum?

We're naming a few good reasons for you to use the serum in your skincare routine.

  1. Minimizing Dark Spots and dullness

Daily UV exposure and ageing can result in the appearance of dull skin, discolourations, and dark spots. Powered with ten vital beauty oils, such as Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Kumkumadi Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc., Lashika Brighten Face Serum clarifies Skin and makes it radiant. Apply the serum at night after you cleanse your face, and apply sunscreen in the morning to add glow to your skin and stimulate cell renewal for a more youthful appearance.

  1. Plumping Skin, Reducing Wrinkles and Boosting Collagen

Face serums are a game-changer in the anti-ageing skincare routine. Apply a serum after AM or PM cleansing, then follow up with an anti-ageing moisturizer. This adds volume to dull Skin, reduces fine lines and boosts collagen.

  1. Fighting Skin Sagging and strengthening skin defence mechanisms

Your Skin gradually loses moisture and volume as you age, especially on the cheeks and eyes. Reach for a targeting serum to retain moisture and replenish volume. After this, apply a good moisturizer like Lashika Moisturizer, to make your skin look beautiful and become strong from within.

  1. Managing Acne-Prone Skin

Skin serums are available to help with just about every skincare concern out there, and acne is undoubtedly included. A serum typically helps reduce dark spots and acne and gives you flawless Skin to boast of. Cleanse with an acne-removing facewash, moisturize well and apply serum for best results.

  1. Exfoliating and hydrating Skin

The use of exfoliants in face serums is becoming increasingly popular. Use Lashika serums containing skin-friendly ingredients to resurface Skin. To lock in more hydration, apply the serum to damp Skin.

End: Choosing your serum

With so many face serums available on the market, it can seem like a challenging task when choosing a serum for your skin type. We've made it simple with our 'No Harm Skincare' serum and skincare products. Choose our range of skin-friendly serums to make you feel young and make your skin look beautiful and feel beautiful.

Looking for a skin-friendly brand that does not harm your Skin? Begin your rejuvenating journey with Lashika today.