Why Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Is Harder Than You Think

Why Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Is Harder Than You Think

Why Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream Is Harder Than You Think

Skincare and beauty products are known for using dishonest practices to guarantee success. Though some specialised creams are known to work, the rest are fake. Anti-wrinkle cream is yet another hype in the skincare industry and generally doesn't work as they promise to. But these businesses frequently make promises that go far beyond simple moisturising. They advertise that they can "reset the skin's ageing clock. They can, in other words, completely change your old, dry, thinning, wrinkled skin.

Tempting. Is it real, though? According to dermatologists and scientists, yes and no. Generally, no, though it's difficult to say.

Here are a few reasons why the majority of anti-wrinkle creams don't work:

Except for those sold without a prescription, most creams purchased over the counter are usual moisturisers. Buying a new miracle cream advertised as good for your skin and reducing wrinkles might only moisturise the skin. Although the wrinkles remain, the skin looks smoother as a result.The ingredients required for these creams to function as anti-wrinkle agents must be included. Retinol is an approved anti-wrinkle drug found in a variety of high-end creams. 

Cheaper creams might not contain this chemical, so all claims are false.

Raising the bar too high

The human body is designed to change as we age, but because of overzealous and exaggerated marketing, many people think anti-wrinkle creams will magically erase wrinkles. Even the best cream has limitations, so it's essential to have reasonable expectations for any product.

Using marketing to portray a product as something it isn't

Manufacturers of anti-wrinkle creams employ devious strategies to market their product and falsely portray it as a miracle cure.  Using models with perfect skin and digitally enhanced photos may deceive you into purchasing their product when there may be better choices.

Preventing wrinkles is always simpler than treating them:

Your skin will benefit significantly from healthy lifestyles, staying hydrated, adhering to a proper diet, and exercising regularly. Keep your skin hydrated by applying light moisturisers to prevent new wrinkles from developing.

While existing wrinkles won't completely disappear if you lead a healthy lifestyle, they will be minimised.


The only real solution to wrinkles is typically a dermatologist visit combined with over-the-counter medications. So, if you're worried about wrinkles, here are some options. Wear sunscreen, take good care of your skin, consume plenty of water, and take vitamins.

Try your best to avoid falling for the deceptions used by marketers of beauty products. Instead, change your perspective; there's a reason why many people refer to wrinkles as "wisdom lines." Begin your chemical-free natural skincare journey with Lashika and get that long-lasting glow that stays. Check out our entire line of no-harm skincare and watch the wonders it creates on your skin.