4 Common Summer Skin Problems And How To Fix Them

4 Common Summer Skin Problems And How To Fix Them

We all have several reasons to hate the uncomfortable and unbearable summer season especially if you are living in any tropical region. Additional skin issues that are associated with summer make our life even more difficult. Without taking proper care, the skin issues of summer can create long-lasting damage.
Here we are going to discuss the 5 top skin issues that are commonly associated with summer and will also give you valuable suggestions to prevent them.

1. Acne problem

It is one of the major skin issues that can cause skin irritation that is primarily caused due to excess oil secretion from the sebaceous gland under the skin. The excess oil can often block skin pores and give rise to germs, which feeds on the excess oil and sweat.

Ways to prevent: The primary step in dealing with acne is to regularly wash your face with oil free face wash. Avoid junk and oily food that can cause excess oil production. Weekly once use any face pack  to help open the clogged pores.

2. Dry skin irritation

If you regularly encounter sunlight without any forms of protection then you can face the issue of dry skin irritation. It can also occur due to a long stay in an air-conditioning room or using excessive soap with high chemical levels.

Ways to prevent: The best way to deal with dry skin is to have plenty of fluids that should include eating seasonal fruits juices that can help to replenish the lost minerals. Also, never forget to apply sunscreen when going out during the day and wear light-coloured cotton clothes that are not so tight on the skin. The application of light moisturizer on dry areas can also be helpful.

3. Prickly heat or Heat rash

The itchiness problem of skin is quite often associated with the summer as our skin sweats excessively. When your sweat glands are blocked due to heavy clothing, it gives rise to skin rashes that could create itchiness issues with a red swelling effect.

Ways to prevent: The best way to avoid it is to have light sweat absorbing clothing. Avoid direct contact with the sun as much as possible. Take regular baths with proper antibacterial body wash shower gel. Also, use prickly heat talcum powder that helps to fight germs and absorbs the excess sweat.

4. Sunburn

For those who spend significant time in the open sun during the peak of summer, sunburn is not rare. The harmful UV Rays from the sun can damage the topmost layer of the skin that can even cause skin cancer. Skin also starts discolouration with sunburn.

Ways to prevent: The best way is to cover your body when going out in the sun and never forget to use sunscreen lotions. The use of aloe vera gel  is the best way to deal with skin once it has already encountered sunburn.

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