Can Applying Tomato On Face Daily Benefit Your Skin?

Can Applying Tomato On Face Daily Benefit Your Skin?

Tomato is one of the healthiest food ingredients that offer several benefits and fight diseases. However, not just for the stomach, it has been proven to benefit your skin as well. You can find this humble ingredient in almost every kitchen. Therefore, it is convenient to use in everyday beauty regimes.

Tomato has been a staple of skincare for ages and showed significant results in skin brightening and rejuvenating. Nevertheless, it has much more beneficial properties that you can count on.

Reduce Pigmentation

Tomato is enriched with a great anti-pigmentation agent such as vitamin C. It can reduce dark spots, under-eye dark circles, hyper pigmentation or any other dark areas on your skin. Therefore, using a Tomatino Foaming Face wash that is filled with the goodness of tomato extract daily gives a visible result.

Remove Sun Tan

Using tomatoes every day is useful to get rid of suntan or darkness due to UV rays. The anti-pigmentation agents in tomatoes remove the tan from the upper layer of your skin, making it brighter.

Lighten Skin Complexion

The anti-pigmentation and de-tanning properties of tomato reduce darkness on your skin. Also, its exfoliating property removes the dead skin cells from the skin. Thus, it helps the skin regain its natural and radiant glow.

Soothe Sunburn and Irritation

Tomato contains anti-inflammatory agents such as beta lutein, carotene, vitamins A, E and C. All these agents help soothe sunburn and any kind of skin irritation and also protect the skin from damage.

Help in Oil Control and Hydration

When your skin lacks moisture and hydration, it starts excess sebum production to hold the moisture. Tomato is full of vitamin A and E that hydrate your skin, resulting in less oil generation.

Tighten Pores

Not only does tomato cleans the clogged pores but naturally shrinks them making them less visible. This is also another way it reduces the chances of clogged pores and acne, especially if you use a Tomatino Foaming Face Wash.

Fight Acne and Pimple

Excess oil on the face holds more dirt and pollutants and clogs the pores by mixing with them, causing acne and pimple. As mentioned earlier, tomato is great for oil control which causes fewer clogged pores. Also, its deep cleansing property cleanses the pores, resulting in acne-free skin.

Control Ageing Signs

Dark sport, under-eye dark circles, hyper pigmentation, blemishes, wrinkles and fine lines make your skin look dull and old. However, the high content of vitamin B and its complexes in tomatoes helps delay and reduce these ageing signs.

Revitalize the Skin

Tomato stimulates collagen production in the skin and removes dead skin cells from the upper layer. Thus, it helps revitalize your skin and brings back the youthful glow to it.

Maintains Skin’s pH Balance

The skin’s pH level is pretty essential to determine its health and type. An imbalanced pH level can cause multiple skin problems and confusing skin types. The acidic property helps balance out the pH level of the skin.

All these properties make tomato an essential ingredient in beauty and skincare, for both men and women. Many use it directly on their skin, others create several home remedies including tomato. However, beauty expert brands have invented many beauty products infusing tomato extract.

One such product is LASHIKA’s Tomatino Foaming Face Wash which is made with all the goodness of tomato. Such products are easy to use in daily life and convenient for your hectic schedule.