6 Simple Home Remedies To Opt For Good SkinCare Routine This Summer

6 Simple Home Remedies To Opt For Good SkinCare Routine This Summer

As the mercury level soars up, it is time for yet another unpleasant scorching summer. One of the most vital parts we all often ignore to take care of during this summer is the skin, which eventually has to bear all the heat and dust outside. Hence, taking care of the skin from an early stage is critical.

How can summer harm your skin?

The most typical and annoying problem of summer is that of high humidity, where our skin suffers from oily skin. The sebaceous glands start producing excess sebum (natural oil), which gets stuck under the skin surface thereby blocking pores and leading to acne pimple-related issues. The oily skin is also prone to bacterial attack, thereby increasing the risk of skin infection.
Long exposure to the sun can also cause excessive melanin secretion and that can result in tan and sunburn issues.

Here are the ways to take care of your skin during summer

1. Regular Usage of Facewash: Depending on your skin type, you should choose a particular type of face wash that could be used regularly. It is recommended to use mild face wash and if you have dry skin, you can opt for a non-foaming cleanser. The LASHIKA’s Tomanito Face Wash can be your perfect choice if you have dry skin. There is also the choice of Apple Cider Facewash in case you are suffering from acne-related problems.

2. Use of Sunscreen: With the usage of sunscreen, it is possible to avoid the impact of the sun’s harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. A suitable sunscreen  can be used for all types of skin and it is a vital component of summer skincare.

3. Do not apply heavy Make-up: The Makeup can cover your skin preventing it from breathing freely. Hence, avoid the usage of heavy makeup and replace the same with light cosmetics, even better would be skincare products.

4. Stay Hydrated and Eat Seasonal Fruits: Staying hydrated is a basic practice for healthy skin, which is more critical during the summer. Hydrated skin can easily remove all unwanted toxins from the skin. Try also to eat as much seasonal fruits as it can replenish the minerals that are lost with sweat.

5. Use Face Scrub: At least once or twice a week use a scrub that can help to exfoliate the skin by removing the excess oil and dirt from the skin.

6. Bath Twice Daily: Taking a bath is the most basic and effective way to remain cool during the hot summer months. Taking a bath can also help the skin remove the excess dirt and sweat.

By following these steps and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle, you can easily fight all the skin issues that come during the summer season. Do not forget to check the best skincare products from LASHIKA’s summer collection ().